Why do you need my vet's information?

We believe that nutritional recommendations should be made by the veterinarians who have the educational background and specific knowledge of your pet. We use your veterinarian's name and clinic information to verify that the therapeutic diet you are purchasing is in line with your veterinarian's recommendations. A prescription is not required to order any of our lifestage diets or treats, however, we do require your veterinarian's name and clinic information to complete the order.

Are the therapeutic diets prescription diets? Is there medication in this food?

Our therapeutic diets do not contain any prescription drugs but are formulated by a PhD nutritionist to meet specific medical indications and support the individual needs of pets with various illnesses. We require your vet’s recommendation because we strongly believes the veterinary team is your best source for a nutritional recommendation. Your veterinary team has knowledge of the fundamentals of nutrition, of the needs of dogs and cats, and (most importantly!) the needs of your individual pet.

Can I purchase this at my vet's office?

One of the many benefits of Rayne Nutrition is that our products can be delivered right to your front door! As a result, it is not entirely necessary for your veterinarian to stock our products in their clinic, however, we do still need their approval to complete the order.

If your clinic is new to Rayne Nutrition and you are interested in our products, we are happy to have our team contact your veterinarian and discuss the many benefits of incorporating Rayne Nutrition into their practice.