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one concern.

Rayne diets are part of the medical management of patients in veterinary hospitals across the country, and we take this responsibility very seriously. After all, we are pet owners too. Rayne diets are fed to our own furry family members!

We test throughout production to bring you a consistent product while managing the natural variability of whole food ingredients.

All finished products go through intensive in house testing AND are sent to an independent lab for full analysis before being released. 

These processes ensure we are providing whole food veterinary diets that are consistent, safe, and the highest possible quality.

One unique aspect of quality and safety is to ensure absolute purity of our novel protein diets.

We source our novel proteins from suppliers who are only handling that protein – this eliminates risk of cross contamination before we receive the meat.

We do a full shut down and clean of the line before running our products.  

 This ensures when the diets are made there is no risk of cross contamination.

We have the only novel protein diets that do not use fish oil or conflicting animal fats (beef, pork, chicken etc).  We use algae meal for omega 3s and coconut oil for omega 6s. This ensures a product with no additional animal protein to protect our most sensitive patients.


Rayne diets are unique and challenging to make! Most pet food facilities are designed to work with dry, powdered ingredients. Rayne diets are made with fresh meat and vegetables – whole food ingredients. We needed to find manufacturing partners who had invested in the equipment and team training to work with fresh ingredients.
We want the absolute best for your pet, after all, we are pet owners too!

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Our wet diets are made in Utah. They have a very dedicated team of experts who have been making wet diets for more than 20 years. They have allowed us to bring unique diets like our line of wet rabbit diets for dogs and cats to the market.



Our dry diets are made in Nebraska. The supplier has been producing pet food for more than 30 years with an impeccable reputation for quality and safety. They have invested in new equipment and spent time training their team to allow them to produce diets with fresh, whole ingredients, making them an ideal partner for Rayne. 

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Our jerky is made by company specializing in jerky treats, in Georgia. Their facility is dedicated to producing treats of top quality and safety. They bring years of expertise to this family owned and run business.

Our biscuits are made in Canada. Using fresh local ingredients, Rayne Rewards biscuits are made with care and attention, producing delicious, safe, high quality treats.

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