Conventional pet food plants are designed to make conventional diets. Producing diets with whole food ingredients required an entirely new process and approach, and Rayne set out to do just that with the guidance of the top minds across multiple veterinary specialties.

Rayne’s co-founders, John Phelps and Dan Pitts, worked with PhD nutritionists, veterinary specialists, and veterinarians to formulate the diets. To account for the natural variability of fresh, whole food ingredients, they instituted additional testing to ensure a consistent finished product. As the Rayne diets evolved, they established a strict “fixed formula” policy, meaning the common industry practice of adjusting levels of ingredients based on cost would never happen with Rayne products. In every decision, John and Dan have been and continue to be guided by veterinary experts to make the best decisions for pets and their health.

Rayne conducts all activities based on a set of three principles: Quality, Dedication, and Transparency. We produce products of uncompromising quality and safety, are 100% dedicated to our partnership with the veterinary community, and operate with integrity and transparency in every interaction.

Learn what QUALITY, DEDICATION, and TRANSPARENCY mean to Rayne below.


To produce products of uncompromising quality and safety.

Veterinary diets are the most highly tested, closely monitored products on the market. The precise nutritional information available abut veterinary diets is NOT available with products outside the veterinary channel. This information helps your veterinary team determine what the best option is for your pet. Products in the retail/big box/grocery market do NOT go through the same ingredient testing, production testing, or finished product testing. Retail/big box/grocery diets may change their ingredients run to run based on price or availability, while veterinary diets remain consistent. It is often unknown who formulated diets in lines outside the veterinary channel. Veterinary diets are formulated by nutrition and animal health experts.



To pets, to veterinary team members, to owners.

Rayne strongly believes the veterinary team is your best source for a nutritional recommendation. Your veterinary team has knowledge of the fundamentals of nutrition, of the needs of dogs and cats, and (most importantly!) the needs of your individual pet. They have your pet's medical history, they know about any breed predispositions that could be a risk for your pet, they know all the pets in the household, and they can work with you to determine the best diet for your pet. They are as committed to your pet's health as you are.



To operate with integrity and transparency in every interaction with our associates, veterinary clinics, pet owners, and our suppliers.

Our diets are highly tested, closely monitored products, and contain no marketing spin. Because of the therapeutic intentions of our diets, the analyses of our final products are very important. Our target nutrient values are available by formula HERE. Our quality control team maintains the average analysis for any nutrient in question across the most recent batches of any diet formula. Our Care Team can pull this information for any questions or concerns regarding a specific diet.