Rayne built our initial reputation on the success of our extensive and comprehensive novel protein line. To feed your most sensitive pets and patients, Rayne needed to provide the purest line of novel protein diets on the market.

Creating diets using novel ingredients takes considerable expertise in formulation, nutrition, manufacturing and sourcing of ingredients. This is why Rayne has always worked with experts in these fields to produce these highly innovative diets. Rayne is formulated by independent experts, including veterinarian nutritionists, and dermatologists who collaborate and consider all aspects of formulation and testing.

In fact, Rayne is directed by a Dermatology Advisory Group of board-certified dermatologists, and 200 board-certified veterinary dermatologists actively recommend Rayne.

We pride ourselves on ensuring the absolute purity of our novel protein diets. Rayne sources novel proteins from suppliers who handle only that specific protein to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination before the ingredients are even received. Upon receipt, we test ingredients to ensure they meet the required nutritional indications.

We have developed the only line of novel protein diets that do NOT have added animal fat (no chicken, beef, or pork fat coat the outside of the novel protein kibbles) and introduced the use of dried algae as an omega 3 fatty acid source to ensure no other animal protein was being introduced into these pure, simple diets.

Before making a novel protein diet, we halt production completely, shut down and clean the entire line. This comprehensive cleaning program includes 40 steps and 60 checkpoints to ensure the line is clean and there is no risk of cross contamination.

Our dermatology products undergo third-party ELISA testing. This highly sensitive test method detects trace-level contaminants (beef, pork, chicken, fish, milk, and soy) to protect sensitive patients.

Trying a novel protein diet for the first time? Work with your veterinary team to make sure your pet’s transition is a success.


The best method for diagnosing food allergies is the dietary elimination trial. 

The “gold standard” being a single protein and a single carb that the pet has never been fed. Typically, that means home prepared foods, and not adding “treats” and other items that tamper with the trial variables.

Most novel protein diets that are commercially available have many ingredients and/or use hydrolyzed proteins, although some studies* have reported up to 50 percent of patients with food allergies flare or fail to improve while eating a hydrolyzed diet.

Rayne provides the only novel protein diet that comes close to the “gold standard” and is commercially available.

*Olivry T, Bizikova P. A systematic review of the evidence of reduced allergenicity and clinical benefit of food hydrolysates in dogs with cutaneous adverse food reactions. Vet Dermatol 2010;21(1):32-41.