The reception and interest in starting pets on Rayne diets has been overwhelming! It is important to remember any diet change should be done slowly so the transition goes as smoothly as possible. Here are tips for transitioning pets to help ensure the best possible outcome.


Slow and Steady.

Ideally, transition your pet to a new food over 5-7 days. Transitioning slowly will allow your pet to gradually become accustomed to a new diet and minimize any digestive upset.


This looks different, I’m suspicious.

Pets may be suspicious of a new food. Cats, in particular, are very ‘mouth feel’ oriented. So a different kibble size or shape, or different format of wet food can take time for them to adjust to.


Privacy, please!

Although we want to watch and evaluate what our pets think of a new diet, our attention can be off putting!


Caveat with Cats

Cats have unique nutritional needs and should never go more than 24 hours without eating. If your cat is not eating, please connect with your veterinary team. 


Caveat with Complex Cases

Does your pet have complex medical concerns? You may need to do a longer transition. Speak with your veterinary team about what is best for your individual pet!